Challenges of Microservices & When To Avoid Them

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The Microservices Architecture—a variant of the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)—is an evolved development approach that has emerged from the world of domain-driven design that:

However, as with any approach to application development, the microservices architecture has its own challenges. There are also use cases where organizations notice increased complexity and effort to develop applications with a microservice framework.

This article will discuss such these challenges, including when you should not use microservices. Let’s take a look.

Microservices overview

A microservices approach means designing and developing an application as a group of loosely coupled services that communicate among themselves to achieve a stated business objective.

A rising pattern of wider adoption rate confirms that there are several use cases in which businesses benefit from using microservices to develop and deploy applications. After all, microservices are often considered the first…


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