Choosing the Right Testing Strategy to Scale up Mobile App Testing

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As soon as we hear the word mobile, we realize that it has majorly occupied the human space. Internet, videos, music, social networks, navigation, etc. you name it and you’ve got it. The relationship between mobile apps and human beings has become an unshakable bond. As the mobile app trends progress, it becomes a dire need to have a robust mobile app testing strategy readily available.

Let us have a look at the statistics that show the importance of mobile application testing.

A recent study by Statista showcases that more than 5000 apps release on the Google play store every day. It sounds exciting, but it is hard to maintain a long-term impression on the user’s mind. That is why 90 percent of the mobile apps are uninstalled or deleted after a few uses. It can be daunting for the developers who have worked so hard to build it. To cope with the competition, the developers sign up to release new mobile applications frequently.

A recent study revealed, fifty percent of the testers…


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