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Chronosphere Adds Professional Services to Jumpstart Observability

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June 02, 2023

1 Year Subscription

Chronosphere has added a professional services capability through which it will provide the resources and expertise needed to deploy and manage its observability platform.

Ian Smith, field CTO for Chronosphere, said the Chronosphere Quick Start program will make it easier for organizations to transition away from legacy monitoring tools that only track a set of pre-defined metrics and embrace an observability platform that enables DevOps teams to surface issues before an IT environment is disrupted.

The scope of the services provided spans everything from data ingestion to providing training so that management of the Chronosphere observability platform can eventually be handed over to an internal DevOps team.

The professional services team will also guide DevOps teams through setting up data control mechanisms and retention polices in addition to crafting dashboards to monitor specific processes.

Finally, there‚Äôs also a self-paced online learning platform, dubbed Chronosphere…


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