CI and CD for Documentation

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CI and CD for Documentation

According to Olivier Jacques a “Documentation as Code” model isn’t just for the geeks and developers reading this, but something that can be used across all portions of an organization. Olivier, a distinguished technologist and  technology enthusiast who specializes in applying DevOps patterns across software engineering, and operations, as well as applying those practices in less technical areas, and his colleague Laurent Gil who has been shifting toward a DevOps mindset for the last 10 years, share exactly how their company, DXC Technology, has transformed an entire business with this methodology.

As they put it “we have been moving our documentation (contracts, requests for proposals, policies, technical documentation, work instructions) to a “Documentation as Code” model with a simple published goal:  improve the quality of our documentation, in the same way that our engineers have improved the quality of their software. The goal we did…


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