Cloud managed services: find a partner, not a provider

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Getting the most from your investment in cloud-based systems requires a deep and dynamic understanding of modern operations best practice. Increasingly, organisations are appointing third parties to take care of this. But what are the benefits, and what qualities should you look for in a potential partner?

Here at DevOpsGroup, we believe there are four core factors to outsourced operations best practice. The secret is to partner with a supplier that enables you to address them all.

The four Rs of modern operations best practice

1. Reduce unplanned work

Reducing unplanned work should be a core goal for any modern operations strategy. When product teams frequently drop new feature development to deal with urgent platform issues or outages, it has a detrimental impact on the speed of innovation. Over time, this harms an organisation’s ability to adapt to customer needs ahead of the competition.

A digital-native operations partner can turn this situation…


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