Community Rooms at DockerCon LIVE 2021

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The Docker community spans the four corners of the world. To celebrate the global nature of our community at DockerCon this year, we’ve created something new: Community Rooms.

Building on the learnings of our “regional rooms experiment” during our last Community All-Hands, Community Rooms are virtual spaces that DockerCon attendees will be able to join to discuss, share and learn about Docker in their own language and/or around a specific topic area. 

100% LIVE

The main focus of these Community Rooms is to bring people together and encourage interaction so we have set them up to be 100% live. Yep, that’s right, all the content you’ll find in these rooms, whether they’re talks, demos, workshops, panel discussions etc. will be in real-time, all broadcast over a live Zoom link. 

Hosted by the Community for the Community

Each Community Room will be overseen by Docker Captains and Community Leaders. They will be responsible for every aspect…


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