Compiling Qt with Docker multi-stage and multi-platform

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This is a guest post from Viktor Petersson, CEO of Screenly is the most popular digital signage product for the Raspberry Pi. Find Viktor on Twitter @vpetersson.

For those not familiar with Qt, it is a cross-platform development framework that is used in a wide range of products, including cars (Tesla), digital signs (Screenly), and airplanes (Lufthansa). Needless to say, Qt is very powerful. One thing you cannot say about the Qt framework, however, is that it is easy to compile — at least for embedded devices. The countless blog posts, forum threads, and Stack Overflow posts on the topic reveal that compiling Qt is a common headache.

As long-term Qt users, we have had our fair share of battles with it at Screenly. We migrated to Qt for our commercial digital signage software a number of years ago, and since then, we have been very happy with both its performance and flexibility. Recently, we decided to migrate our open source digital signage software (Screenly…


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