Containers need standard operating environments too

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Hello, containers? This is SOE, your standard operating environment. Remember me? Obviously not, as you’ve led everyone to believe that they can use whatever technology they want whenever they want, without having a negative impact on the ability to build, maintain, and sustain highly automated application fleets. You know better than that, containers—it’s simply not true. You need me—enterprises need me. Let’s get back together.

In the not-so-distant past, everyone had a standard operating environment. SOEs—which typically include the base operating system (kernel and user space programs), custom configuration files, standard applications used within an organization, software updates, and service packs—are designed to increase the security posture of the environment, simplify processes and automate code. Admins implement an SOE as a disk image, kickstart, or virtual machine image for mass deployment within an organization.

SOEs can apply…


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