Containers vs Microservices: What’s The Difference?

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Today’s digital age is fueled by users who demand more and more value from technology services. The smartphone and the cloud have combined to usher in an age where software runs the world, whether it is ordering food or a ride, paying for utilities, or getting your entertainment fix.

And the design and deployment of software has evolved to respond to this user driven demand, as traditional monolithic architectures have proven difficult when it comes to supporting rapid scaling and experimentation.

Containers and microservices are examples of modern approaches that are fast becoming the go-to model especially for mobile and web apps.

What are containers?

A container is a bundling of an application and all its dependencies as a package, that allows it to be deployed easily and consistently regardless of environment. These dependencies include binaries, libraries and configuration files needed to run the app.

Just like how shipping containers standardized transportation of cargo…


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