Continuous Integration for Monorepos

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*Monorepos are highly-active code repositories spanning many projects. These can test the limits of conventional continuous integration. Semaphore is the only CI/CD around with easy out-of-the-box support for monorepos.

Monorepo workflows should be easy to set up

A monorepo is a repository holding many projects, each maintained by a separate developer or team. Most times, these code repositories, while independent, will share a common CI/CD workflow.

Monorepos workflows present their own set of challenges. By default, a CI/CD pipeline will run from beginning to end on every commit. This is expected. After all, that’s the continuous in continuous integration.

continuous integration

Running every job in the pipeline is perfectly logical on single-project repositories. But monorepos see a lot more activity than usual. Even the smallest change will re-run the entire pipeline — it is time-consuming and needlessly expensive. It just doesn’t make sense.

Semaphore recently…


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