Cortex Expands Microservices Catalog to Improve Collaboration

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Cortex, a provider of a catalog for tracking the ownership of microservices, today announced it has added a service creation capability that enables developers to use templates to scaffold new services in five minutes.

In addition, the company has added a Cortex Teams offering that improves collaboration across teams of developers working on interdependent microservices.

Fresh from raising an additional $2.5 million in funding, Cortex claimed it has increased its customer base by a factor of 10 since initially launching last May. Those customers include Rappi, Grammarly and 8×8.

Cortex CTO Ganesh Datta said the company’s microservices catalog makes it simpler for teams of developers, DevOps engineers and security professionals to collaborate at a time when software development is becoming more complex. While microservices-based applications are easier to update and generally more resilient than monolithic applications, composing an application based on interdependent microservices…


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