Create Once, Reuse to Infinity: Android Device Onboarding Templates

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Cut Device Onboarding Time by 60%+ with Esper Android Device Enrollment & Provisioning Templates

If you’re an IT manager who’s responsible for an Android fleet, you’re most likely spending hours onboarding devices. If you’re manually picking policies, apps, and settings, you’re most likely tired of it.

Device enrollment and provisioning is time-consuming and it can detract from your ability to focus on more strategic work. Luckily, you may be able to work a lot more productively. 

Device Onboarding with Traditional MDM Platforms

Using a traditional MDM solution is more efficient than manually provisioning each mobile device. But, MDM onboarding is still really time-consuming.

Device enrollment and provisioning is a multi-step process in most MDM platforms: 

Install an MDM App

Normally, you install an application from the Play Store to connect the device to the MDM platform. Sometimes, you have to download multiple apps to grant different types of…


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