Cultural Change is the Key to Successfully Implementing DevOps

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Culture, automation, lean measurement, and sharing are all key components of conducting technology transformation in a DevOps way. Some say that culture is everything when it comes to DevOps — and that the DevOps culture may be more challenging to teach individuals than teaching them technology skills.

“Tech is easy. People are hard. When we are fundamentally changing how we work, it can mean we’re changing how we work and manage our services. That cultural shift is just plain hard,” says Matt Stratton, Staff Developer Advocate at Pulumi, founder and co-host of the popular Arrested DevOps podcast. 

“Automation and tools are easy, but how we work together and communicate and how that connects through the larger organization, now that’s a challenge,” he says. 

“The cultural aspect is how people work together to communicate and collaborate. Operating a small, lean service is very different from running a larger monolithic application. It is very transformative in the…


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