Culture: What Is it, How To Change It

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Today, Ola Chowning talked about culture. But, rather than just talk – she’s  walking us through some real examples that revolve around scaling DevOps in an organization.

Scaling DevOps starts with teams, and we have a lot of lessons learned that remind us how culture affects organizations.

First, Chowning shares a statistic: 53% of companies report that organizational culture is at odds with values of DevOps. So what would these people change? The culture!

At least a layer of the DevOps’ culture of identity needs to be writ large across the organization. Even if you can’t do DevOps everywhere, you can adopt some level of DevOps value. Otherwise, you end up with part of the organization that’s the “cool kids” and everyone else is on the other side.

What’s Culture?

Culture is the attitudes, customs, and rules that distinguish groups of people. It’s really about social behavior. It’s not something you take a class on; it’s more about actions and reactions of…


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