Datadog hackathon boosts cloud monitoring best practice

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Our managed services team runs an ongoing Datadog hackathon to keep on top of the platform’s emerging and evolving features. Cloud engineers hone their skills while contributing to a repository of insights and ‘as code’ templates for rapid deployment.

My colleague Mike Lazenby recently wrote about how we use Terraform to manage Datadog resources on an ‘as code’ basis. An advantage of this approach is the rapid uplift of managed services customers’ cloud monitoring capabilities. They benefit from sophisticated approaches on par with cloud-native solutions even if they’re just finding their feet in the environment. It can be a great way for organisations to improve performance en route to cloud maturity, especially after lift-and-shift migrations.  

As a leading cloud-scale monitoring service, Datadog is continually releasing new features and updates. Some of these can be game-changing, adding immense value to cloud management and operations. However,…


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