DataXoom Founder & CEO Chris Hill on Mobile-First Enterprise Solutions

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On this episode of The DroidDevCast podcast, Esper Platform Evangelist Rin Oliver spoke with DataXoom founder & CEO Chris Hill on mobile-first enterprise solutions, the finer details of 5G in the enterprise, and attempted to cut through the fog of what 5G will and won’t be bringing to the telecommunications industry in the future. Later in the episode, they explore the benefits of using a platform such as DataXoom in the enterprise, and the benefits that telecommunications providers and businesses both can get from embracing purpose-built devices, and understanding the thresholds of not only today’s technology, but tomorrow’s.

Complexity, Efficiency, and Purpose-Built Devices

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DataXoom, at its core, is all about efficiency. Supporting LTE for purpose built deployment in the enterprise, in particular. DataXoom was founded, Hill explained, because its team saw a gap in how consumer models treated LTE, and how enterprise…


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