Deploying vs Releasing Software: What’s The Difference?

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For all the work involved in the world of software development, it is only when a customer uses the software to achieve an outcome that the software’s value is realized.

Every day, thousands of updates are made available on app stores, mostly pushing bug fixes, security updates, and performance improvements; sometimes making the latest features available for users to enjoy. App store intelligence firm App Annie reported that in the second quarter of 2020, app downloads reached a high of nearly 35 billion.

In service management, two terms, deployment and release, are often used interchangeably to describe rollout of these updates. But is there a difference between them? Let’s investigate. (For the quick answer, skip ahead to the key difference between deploying and releasing software.)

What is deployment?

Deployment involves moving software from one controlled environment to another. According to the ITIL 4 practice guides,

An environment is a subset of IT infrastructure used…


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