Design an Effective Build Stage for Continuous Integration

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The first move towards releasing software is the build stage. This practical guide will show you the general principles of build automation and reference implementations using Semaphore. Optimizing your build stage will accelerate your development workflow and cut down costs.

What happens in a build stage

In continuous integration (CI), this is where we build the application for the first time. The build stage is the first stretch of a CI/CD pipeline, and it automates steps like downloading dependencies, installing tools, and compiling.

Besides building, in the build stage we use tools to check that the code is safe and follows best practices. The build stage usually ends in the artifact generation step, where we create a production-ready package. Once this is done, the testing stage can begin.

build stage
The build stage starts from code commit and runs from the beginning up to the test stage

We’ll be covering testing in-depth in future articles (subscribe to the…


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