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Dev Jobs are Dead: ‘Everyone’s a Programmer’ With AI ¦ Intel VPUs

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June 01, 2023

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Welcome to The Long View—where we peruse the news of the week and strip it to the essentials. Let’s work out what really matters.

This week: Nvidia’s CEO grabs headlines by saying your career is toast, and Intel is still fighting.

1. ‘It’s so easy to use’

First up this week: “Jensen” Huáng Rénxūn’s Computex keynote: He says AI is coming for many jobs—including software development. According to the brave billionaire, anyone can now tell computers what to do just by talking to them.

Analysis: Utter garbage, obvs.

We’ve been here countless times before: Magical new technology makes programming obsolete. But no-code nirvana never happened—mainly because those making the predictions were supremely ignorant of the software development arts. Huang is no exception—and he’s simply trying to sell more GPUs.

Eleanor Olcott and Madhumita Murgia: Nvidia chief Jensen Huang says AI is creating a ‘new computing era’

Demand has soared
Nvidia’s chief executive…


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