DevSecOps: Changing the Trajectory of Cybersecurity

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Ron Ross has seen the evolution of cybersecurity and technology over the past four decades. Computers are being pushed to the edge, being used for entertainment, power plants, and medical purposes, not to mention their use in the most critical weapons systems, space systems, etc.

DevSecOps can be a game-changing approach to make systems more secure.

What Is an Attack Surface?

Today’s systems consist of many elements such as applications, middleware, firmware, etc. These complex systems include trillions of lines of code, billions of devices, and worldwide network connectivity. Complexity increases the attack surface of a system and therefore its vulnerability. Attack surface is the space an adversary can see or get to in order to launch an attack. Modern systems face a growing number of threats and a growing attack surface. 

What Leads to a Cyberattack?

Some people say that they can manage vulnerabilities using the penetrate and patch approach. However, they often don’t know…


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