Digital Experience and the Future of Observability

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January 20, 2023

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Over the past two years, there’s been significant hype around observability in the IT operations and DevOps world. As shorthand for providing better insights, observability has seen a rise in lockstep with distributed architectures, cloud-native applications and the increasingly complex IT environments associated with them.

As we round out 2022 and move into the new year, there’s evidence observability is gaining mainstream adoption by IT operations and has begun to take off, with the market reaching a better understanding of what observability is and why it matters. This broader adoption offers a moment to reflect on the impact of observability so far and how it will continue to evolve in the year ahead.

What is Observability?

Though there’s ongoing debate in the industry about what observability actually means and what an observability platform should include, most people in the industry will argue observability is the evolution of monitoring and promises to offer more…


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