Docker at SnykCon 2020

1 Year Subscription

We are excited to be a gold sponsor of the inaugural SnykCon virtual conference, a free online event from Snyk taking place this week on October 21-22, 2020. The conference will look at best practices and technologies for integrating development and security teams, tools, and processes, with a specific nod of the secure use of containers, from images used as a starting point to apps shared with teams and the public.

At Docker, we know that security is vital to successful app development projects, and automating app security early in the development process ensures teams start with the right foundation and ship apps that have vulnerability scanning and remediation included by default. This year we announced a broad partnership with Snyk to incorporate their leading vulnerability scanning across the entire Docker app development lifecycle. At Snykcon, attendees will learn how to successfully incorporate security scanning into their entire Docker app delivery…


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