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Docker Desktop 4.20: Docker Engine and CLI Updated to Moby 24.0

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June 01, 2023

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We are happy to announce the major release of Moby 24.0 in Docker Desktop 4.20. We have dedicated significant effort to this release, marking a major milestone in the open source Moby project.

This effort began in September of last year when we announced we were extending the integration of the Docker Engine with containerd. Since then, we have continued working on the image store integration and contributing this work to the Moby project. 

In this release, we are adding support for image history, pulling images from private repositories, image importing, and support for the classic builder when using the containerd image store.

Feature graphic with white 4. 20 text on purple background

To explore and test these new features, activate the option Use containerd for pulling and storing images in the Features in Development panel within the Docker Desktop Settings (Figure 1). 

Screenshot of "features in development" page with "use containerd for pulling and storing images" selected.
Figure 1: Select “Use containerd for pulling and storing images” in the “Features in development” screen.

When enabling…


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