Docker Talks Live Stream Monthly Recap

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It’s time for a round up of Docker Talks, this time from the month of August. As you may remember, Chad Metcalf (@metcalfc) and I (@pmckee) started the weekly live-streaming video series to connect with you, our extended family of developers, and to help you succeed in your Docker journey.

In August, we held four sessions covering how to set up your local development environment with Node.js, Visual Studio remote debugging extension, the Awesome Compose project and common questions people have when starting with Docker. Below, I’ve put together the list of live streams for the month for your viewing and learning pleasure.

We live stream on our YouTube channel every Wednesday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. You’ll find all of the past streams there and you can subscribe to get notifications. See you on the next live stream.

Docker Talks Live! Setting up your local development environment with Node.js
Chad and I explore how to set up your local development…


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