Docker’s Next Chapter: Our First Year

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2020 has been quite the year. Pandemic, lockdowns, virtual conferences and back-to-back Zoom meetings. Global economic pressures, confinement and webcams aside, we at Docker have been focused on delivering what we set out to do when we announced Docker’s Next Chapter: Advancing Developer Workflows for Modern Apps last November 2019. I wish to thank the Docker team for their “can do!” spirit and efforts throughout this unprecedented year, as well as our community, our Docker Captains, our ecosystem partners, and our customers for their non-stop enthusiasm and support. We could not have had the year we had without you.

This next chapter is being jointly written with you, the developer, as so much of our motivation and inspiration comes from your sharing with us how you’re using Docker. Consider the Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM): WUSM’s team of bioinformatics developers uses Docker to build pipelines – consisting of up to 25 Docker images in some cases…


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