Esper at CES 2020 Recap

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CES 2020 was an amazing event with over 175k technology professionals around the world converging in Las Vegas. The event saw who’s who of the technology world including Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Lenovo, MediaTek, Sony and more. As promised, the event had groundbreaking technologies to showcase from foldable laptops, to display screens with soundwave technology, robots and 8k televisions. 

While Toyota came up with a prototype of Woven City (community of the future fuelled by driverless cars) and a plan to build it near Mount Fuji, Japan, Lenovo showed off its Thinkpad X1 Fold and Dell showed off two foldables, the Concept Ori and the Concept Duet. Sony unveiled their first concept car at CES 2020 and Canon was in the spotlight with their latest DSLR. There were other products such as smart glasses to help people with dyslexia, companies leveraging soundwave technology to create touch interfaces, and earbuds to sense blood pressure! 

But what did CES 2020 mean for Android…


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