Esper collaborates with MediaTek on a fully-integrated hardware and software solution for connected devices

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Esper, the leading platform to deploy, manage and monitor applications and devices for Android-based device fleet is collaborating with MediaTek as technology partner to offer a complete solution comprised of MediaTek hardware integrated with Esper cloud software for building connected devices.

A central challenge in building and then managing dedicated device fleets is tight integration of both application and device management spanning development, test, deployment, and maintenance. 

“Esper’s unique focus on Android-based purpose-built device fleets, combined with the company’s extensive developer tooling, is a natural fit for MediaTek’s Rich IoT program to drive innovation for the enterprise.”

MediaTek’s i300A (MT8362A)chipset, part of their Rich IoT program integrates all essential requirements for connected devices, including powerful CPU and GPU processors, multimedia, security and connectivity (Wifi and cellular modems). Esper’s integration on top of…


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