Esper Release Notes – DevRel 21

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Esper has been updated to DevRel21.

  • Improved Guidance for Provisioning Methods – Provision Devices in the Console has been improved to help users determine the best provisioning method to use on their devices. Once a method is chosen, the Console dashboard takes the user through a set of easy steps to follow to and complete the device provisioning. Additionally a wizard has been added which suggests the best provisioning method applicable to advice based on providing information about the device (Android version, running Espher Enhanced Android, GMS or non-GMS, and if the device includes a camera).
  • Admins Can Now Generate Reports of Device Activity – This new reporting feature generates important information such as the number of active devices, number of newly provisioned devices, peak activity, and more. This feature is now available for dashboard users who wish to generate daily reports as well as custom reports as needed.  

These reports are downloadable in multiple…


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