Esper Release Notes — DevRel 26

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DevRel 26 brings a lot of new features and user experience enhancements.

Visual Refresh for Remote Viewer / Remote Control

We have improved our Remote viewer including a new frame improving both look and usability. With a bigger frame the device’s rendered display is now much bigger, so it’s useful even without going to fullscreen. We have also enabled clicks and gestures on devices with Remote control capability (Samsung Knox devices and device makers who have signed Esper) without having to go to fullscreen.

We’ve also added the device frame in fullscreen mode. Other improvements includes:

  • Device name is now available in full screen view, which helps in easily identifying the device in the Remote view or Remote control session.
  • Ability to capture screenshots while in fullscreen is now available.
  • Provided a widget to enable navigation options when the device has hard keys when using Remote control. Additionally in case the control widget happens to overlap with…


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