Esper Release Notes – DevRel 47

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Esper customers have more control over total device health with the DevRel 47 release. We’ve expanded custom device settings further and added our Android Content Management API as a console GUI feature.

Here’s a quick look at what’s new in DevRel 47:

  • Console Content Management
  • New Custom Device Setting Configurations
  • Quick Provisioning Wizard
  • API in Esper DeviceSDK to Unlock or Wake Devices

1] Content Management 

Now users can upload or transfer file(s) upto 2 GB, including config files and other file formats, to devices and device groups. 

It allows customers to share content in an efficient, secure manner. Now, you can:

  • Store files in Esper’s cloud console. 
  • See the file transfer history for devices or device groups.
  • View file transfer status (success, failure, or in progress) and status details.

2] More Configurations for Custom Device Settings

DevRel 47 added more configurations to the custom Esper settings app. Now, admins can configure Sound and Mobile…


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