Esper Release Notes – DevRel 63

1 Year Subscription

In DevRel 63, we have enhanced our features and settings – remotely resetting lock screen password and factory reset along with several UI improvements in the Apps and Geofence section of the Console. These UI improvements will refine the user experience further. Here is a list of what’s new:

  • Increased the number of characters in the device ID
  • Ability to remotely view the devices for viewer role
  • API to remotely reset the device lock screen password
  • Samsung Knox factory reset protection
  • Esper Console support for Chrome browser on Chrome OS
  • Ability to execute ADB commands during provisioning using the provisioner tool

Provision Over a Million Devices to your Environment

Esper now supports 5 characters for the device name instead of the previous 4 characters, leading to provisioning more devices per tenant. Earlier customers could provision a maximum of 36^4 devices; now, they can provision up to 36^5 ~ 1.6 million devices for their environment. The device name will now take the…


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