Expanded Support for Open Source Software Projects

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Docker remains committed to providing a platform where the non-commercial open source developers can continue collaborating, innovating and pushing this industry into new directions.  

In August, we announced to our dedicated community and ecosystem that we are creating new policies for image retention and data pull rates. We made these changes to make Docker a sustainable business for the long term, so that we can continue supporting the developer community and ecosystem that depends on the Docker platform. We got great feedback from our extensive user base, and adjusted our policies to delay the policies on image retention until mid-2021. The plan for data pull rates is moving forward, and starting today limits will be gradually enforced, with the plan to be fully applied in the coming weeks. The final limits will be:

  • Unauthenticated users will be restricted to 100 pulls every 6 hours
  • Authenticated free users will be restricted to 200 pulls every 6…


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