Exploratory Testing, A Guide Towards Better Test Coverage

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Exploratory Testing is a black box testing technique which lays out the freedom to testers to think out of the box with a minimal dependency on pre-designed answers and step on a process of investigation and discovery to improve the quality of application under test. In layman terms, Exploratory testing is said to be a detailed series of testing by exploring the platform, designing the test cases, executing those immediately and maintaining the results. The thumb rule of exploratory testing is : minimum planning and maximum execution. Exploratory testing is a crucial aspect of software testing as this is not a script based test, it involves the art of being creative and productive. Nowadays, this type of testing is preferable as this doesn’t define a fixed set of methodologies which a tester has to follow, the tester is completely free to fly on his own path to play with an application and identify the potential bugs. This is actually a simultaneous process that carries out the…


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