Exploring Technology in the Public Sector with Siyata Mobile, Inc.

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The DroidDevCast is a weekly podcast brought to you by the team at Esper, where we explore all things Android, DevOps, and open source software development. In this episode, Esper Platform Evangelist Rin Oliver spoke with Siyata Mobile, Inc. VP of Sales Jason DePue to learn more about the variety of Android devices available in the public sector brought to North American markets by Siyata, and the intersections of the logistics industry and Android.

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Founded in 2012 in Montreal, Canada and with its products designed and developed in Israel, Siyata Mobile, Inc. may not register to some, but is familiar to American markets, licensed under the brand name Uniden. Siyata offers three major product lines under its platform, including in-vehicle devices such as the UV350 and other rugged handheld devices, smartphones, feature phones, and the Uniden cellular booster, which DePue notes has been a critical offering for Siyata Mobile’s…


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