Flutter for Desktop: Get Started with Cross-Platform Development

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Flutter is a software development kit (SDK) released by Google in 2018. Today, it is gaining lots of traction. Why? Its major selling points are:

In fact, Flutter just improved on that last one—it’s now available for desktop applications as an Alpha release. Let’s look at why Flutter went this route. Then, I’ll share tips on getting started on desktop.

Why desktop?

“At the core of Flutter is the engine…” – Chris Sells, Flutter Product Manager

Desktops still allow users to interact with their applications in good ways that mobile just can’t. With the desktop, users spend more quality time at the computer, not just mindless scrolling or basic information retrieval. Here, on the desktop, users can:

  • See more information
  • Process more information (i.e., switching between screens or browser tabs).
  • Sit and spent time with the application

As we know, desktop computers have larger screens that allow for more information to be displayed. Hard drives are generally open…


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