Forget databases. You need a data platform

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Mark Porter has an interesting background. He’s the guy who used to run AWS’s Relational Database Service (RDS) and Aurora, and prior to that he spent over a decade at Oracle. Now he’s the CTO of MongoDB. Porter’s pedigree puts him in an interesting position to comment on the evolving database landscape, given that he’s worked at three database pioneers. So what’s he saying?

That former divisions between “back office and front office [are] dissolving.” That is, systems of record and systems of engagement, once so clearly separated, are merging, in Porter’s view.

If true, what does this mean for enterprises desperately trying to modernize their data strategies? According to Porter, it’s time for enterprises to “think beyond the database, and architect an actual ‘data platform’ that can process, store, secure, and analyze data in real-time, across all the relevant data sets.” But isn’t this just a fancy new way of trying to…


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