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Recently, BMC was very honored to host a webinar with renowned DevOps and customer-centricity expert, Gene Kim. As we’ve mentioned in previous entries in this series (you can read about Gene’s take on the scope of DevOps, its mainframe-specific attributes, and its role in the Jobs-as-Code approach for developers, engineers, and site reliability engineers, or SREs), Gene has clarified and expanded the definition of DevOps for thousands of IT and business professionals, and his deeply insightful books, The DevOps Handbook, The Phoenix Project, and The Unicorn Project, have helped ground DevOps principles in concrete and relatable teamwork scenarios for readers around the world.

Gene’s definition of DevOps, which can be applied to any business, is the architectural practices, the technical practices, and the cultural norms that enable us to increase our ability to deliver applications and services quickly and safely, thereby allowing us to deliver customer value without…


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