Getting Started with Pandas – Lesson 1

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Today we will like to introduce one of the first inner training chapters in which we introduce the fundamentals of DataScience treatment tools. We are talking about Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib. Pandas is a third-party library for numerical computing based on NumPy. It excels in handling labeled one-dimensional (1D) data with Series objects and two-dimensional (2D) data with DataFrame objects.

NumPy is a third-party library for numerical computing, optimized for working with single- and multi-dimensional arrays. Its primary type is the array type called ndarray. This library contains many routines for statistical analysis.
Matplotlib is a third-party library for data visualization. It works well in combination with NumPy, SciPy, and Pandas.

Creating, Reading and Writing Data

In order to work with data we need to create coherent data structures to store it, or read them from an external source. Last but not least we need to save them after the modifications that we…


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