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Getting Started With Property-Based Testing in Python With Hypothesis and Pytest

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January 19, 2023

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This tutorial will be your gentle guide to property-based testing. Property-based testing is a testing philosophy; a way of approaching testing, much like unit testing is a testing philosophy in which we write tests that verify individual components of your code.

By going through this tutorial, you will:

  • learn what property-based testing is;
  • understand the key benefits of using property-based testing;
  • see how to create property-based tests with Hypothesis;
  • attempt a small challenge to understand how to write good property-based tests; and
  • Explore several situations in which you can use property-based testing with zero overhead.

What is Property-Based Testing?

In the most common types of testing, you write a test by running your code and then checking if the result you got matches the reference result you expected. This is in contrast with property-based testing, where you write tests that check that the results satisfy certain properties. This shift in…


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