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The growing number of unicorns and futurecorns is great news for the UK economy. But, despite their magical names, these are real-life tech companies facing real-world challenges. We’ve helped several current and former unicorns overcome issues that might otherwise have hindered performance. Read on to find out how DevOps-enabled cloud modernisation can rectify common problems for fast-growth companies like these.

What’s the UK’s unicorn situation?

According to a Beauhurst report, 11 UK companies became unicorns in the first half of 2021, more than in any other six-month period to date. The number of futurecorns – private tech companies deemed capable of achieving the $1bn+ valuation milestone – has also increased significantly. Startups Magazine reports that 132 UK companies are currently on track to reach unicorn status.

Growth in the tech sector over the past decade has played a large part in this. In fact, digital secretary Oliver Dowden says the…


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