Highlights from the BuildKit v0.11 Release

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January 19, 2023

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Buildkit v0. 11 now available.

BuildKit v0.11 is now available, along with Buildx v0.10 and v1.5 of the Dockerfile syntax. We’ve released new features, bug fixes, performance improvements, and improved documentation for all of the Docker Build tools.
Let’s dive into what’s new! We’ll cover the highlights, but you can get the whole story in the full changelogs.

1. SLSA Provenance

BuildKit can now create SLSA Provenance attestation to trace the build back to source and make it easier to understand how a build was created. Images built with new versions of Buildx and BuildKit include metadata like links to source code, build timestamps, and the materials used during the build. To attach the new provenance, BuildKit now defaults to creating OCI-compliant images.

Although docker buildx will add a provenance attestation to all new images by default, you can also opt into more detail. These additional details include your Dockerfile source, source maps, and the intermediate…


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