How 5 companies got their developers to care about cloud costs

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Previously the purview of dedicated centers of excellence, or even exclusively the procurement and finance teams, cloud cost management is rapidly becoming a required skill for anyone who consumes cloud resources on a day-by-day basis—and that includes software developers.

The emerging approach for cloud-first organizations is to have a central team that can manage broad consumption issues, like using the cheapest possible infrastructure for the job and negotiating committed-use discounts with vendors, while responsibility for the cost of individual services is pushed out to engineering teams that are incentivized to run as cost-effectively as possible, without sacrificing business value.

“You need that central expertise but also engineers to understand what they are spending in the cloud. … You want them to feel empowered to do something about their spending and how it stacks up to the value they are driving,” said Eugene Khvostov, vice…


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