How Android DevOps Can Fuel a Culture of Customer Obsession

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Customer experience, or CX, matters more than ever before.  It’s become one of the most important factors in determining a company’s annual revenue growth and customer loyalty. Firms that offer a best-of-class CX have 27.7% higher year-over-year revenue growth than organizations with an average or sub-par customer experience, according to Adobe

Organizations need to understand their customer to compete in the experience economy, which includes all of a customer’s interactions with a brand throughout the buyer’s journey. Visibility and agility are at the core of a successful shift to a customer-obsessed culture. Shifting to Android DevOps practice can help organizations adopt key frameworks for customer monitoring and response, within a larger framework for customer-obsessed culture. 

The Relationship Between Customer Obsession and Android DevOps

Android DevOps is a practice which aligns fleet development, operations, and customer success teams around shared…


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