How the cloud and big compute are remaking HPC

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Roughly 25 years ago, a few open source technologies combined to make a robust, commercial Internet that was finally ready to do business and take your money. Dubbed the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python), this open source combination became the standard development stack for a generation of developers.

Don’t look now, but we may well be on the cusp of another LAMP stack moment.

This time, however, the focus isn’t on building a new, online way to peddle dog food. Instead, a new technology renaissance is underway to tackle algorithmically complex, large-scale workloads that consume massive quantities of compute resources. Think vaccinations for COVID-19, building new supersonic jets, or driving autonomous vehicles. The science and engineering world is shipping faster and delivering newer innovations at a dizzying pace never witnessed before.

How? Cloud. But not just cloud.

The dawn of ‘big compute’ or ‘deep…


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