How to become a cloud architecture generalist

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Based on the feedback here and from social media, this post about being a cloud architectural generalist, not a specialist hit a few nerves. For a long time I’ve said that cloud architects need to be aware of all technology solutions, not just cloud-based ones. They need a mix of traditional enterprise systems, networking, security, governance, and now cloud-based solutions. They need to understand how all the pieces fit together in an optimized way that’s best for the business.

Many readers questioned how they could gain a good understanding of “all the pieces.” Here’s some quick advice and a few approaches to try.

As a rule of thumb, there are two kinds of generalist architects. 

The first group came up through the ranks and have held many titles, such as network engineer, security specialist, database administrator, etc. They have a wide variety of experiences and a wide variety of knowledge about a lot of components that cloud architects…


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