How to Connect to VPN in CI/CD Pipelines

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) software allows us to extend private computer networks over the Internet. Machines connected to a VPN see each other as if they were on the same network, even though they may be geographically distant. As for the question of privacy, VPN technology relies on cryptography to keep data safe from prying eyes.

What do VPNs have to do with continuous integration? A VPN will make Semaphore work as if it were inside your internal network. So, whether you use one depends on your setup. Suppose you’re running your applications on the cloud. In that case, you hardly need a VPN—cloud platforms provide first-party tools you can run in the pipeline to deploy your code. However, if you have on-premise servers, if you run your own hardware, or if you need direct access to machines that are not facing the Internet, a VPN is the right tool for the job.

connecting to private networks from Semaphore
Connecting to private networks from Semaphore

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