How to Create a Responsive Roadmap for Android DevOps

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Traditional product roadmaps are a list of planned features, designed to keep development teams accountable to executives. While roadmaps are a wonderful theory, these tools yield mixed results. Feature roadmaps fail 90% of the time, according to Marty Cagan, since they quickly become rigid and outdated. 

Long-term feature plans have always been a questionable approach, but they’re even more of a problem in current business conditions. Entire industries have faced extreme uncertainty since the onset of COVID-19, creating a need for new, flexible operating models. The pandemic has also sped up enterprise Android deployments by years.  A McKinsey survey found that companies are three times likelier than before the crisis to conduct at least 80 percent of customer interactions on mobile or digital. 

Organizations face an imperative to change and pivot into new models of connecting with customers. Constant uncertainty has created a need for new approaches to management and…


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