How to execute JUnit 4 tests with JUnit 5 [Tutorial]

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Introduction to JUnit

JUnit is a powerful framework for Selenium test automation that has been popularly used by developers to perform unit testing. It is extensively used to perform testing on small parts of code. The entire application which is being developed undergoes unit testing, which is performed on small code chunks.

By testing individual chunks of code, the developer would be able to test his code and find bugs or incorrect functionality, if any. This testing framework, though most widely used by developers, is also used by automation testers for different purposes in their automation framework, among which assertion tops the list.

In this JUnit 5 Tutorial, we deep dive into how to run JUnit 4 tests with JUnit 5 (the latest release of the JUnit framework).

What Is JUnit 5 And How It Stands Out From Previous Versions?

JUnit 5 is the latest version of JUnit, which is primarily composed of three different sub-components – JUnit Platform, JUnit…


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