How To Generate Mocha Reports With Mochawesome?

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“Testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding.”
Burt Rutan

It goes without saying that the very essence of testing lies in locating issues so that they can be worked upon. This results in a better-quality & well-performing web application (or website) that is important in building a positive customer experience. However, as the automation test builds grow with time, maintaining and organizing the tests in a more readable format becomes even more challenging. When writing Mocha scripts for JavaScript automation testing, I came across a handy Mocha report generator utility called Mochawesome.

What does Mochawesome do?

Mochawesome is a custom Mocha reporter that allows you to create standalone HTML/CSS test reports based on the execution of your Mocha test scripts. Mochawesome brings the intuitiveness that is sorely missing in default Mocha reports. This eventually helps in managing the Selenium test automation builds in a better way.

In this…


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