How To Get Data Of Attributes In JavaScript With Selenium

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When performing Selenium test automation, you would have come across umpteen scenarios where there is a need to verify the properties and values of the WebElements. For example, you might need to get the element’s text value in your automation test code and later verify the same against the desired value. In Selenium, the getText() method is used for fetching the text value of the WebElement.


What if the test scenario is more complicated and just getting the text value of the element is not sufficient? In such cases, you would need to use additional (and relevant) properties of the WebElements. Similarly, we may face a situation where just verifying text value is not enough for testing and we need to get additional properties of the elements that are statically or dynamically available in the DOM. Be it JavaScript or some other Selenium-supported programming language, getting specific attributes of the WebElements can be super useful in Selenium…


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